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Chinese Myths (Graphic Myths) by Rob Shone (2007-04-01) - Rob Shone

The book I read was Chinese myths and it talks about the myths that the people in China believe.The Yin Yang is a symbol from Daoism, the dark color is meant to be man and moon and the light color part is woman and the sun.The four dragons is another myths and they watch over the earth and help humans.In Chinese mythology the dragon is a very powerful creature.


This text relates to a world situation because people in China actually believe all of these myths that they heard when they were little. The people living in China can actually believe that there are four dragons that are watching over the earth and helping humans.They actually believe that all of these emperors in myths are actually real but they can be real.


I will recommend this book because this books has a lot of facts about Chinese mythology that is actually interesting to read.